2022 Meeting Archive

August 9, 2022

Changing Course and Taking Action: Exploring Solutions to Address Workforce Challenges for Those Serving the Autism Spectrum/Developmental Disability Community

The 2022 Autism CARES Meeting was held Tuesday, August 9th via Zoom. This virtual event is an opportunity for HRSA-funded CARES grantees (representing research, training, and state systems) to share information about activities within their respective networks, discuss emerging trends, and facilitate meaningful collaboration.

Agenda 2022

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Event Information

This meeting is only open to individuals representing the network of current (and former) MCHB-funded Autism CARES training, research, and state systems change grant recipients, as well as representatives from relevant federal agencies. If you have questions or concerns about the event, please contact Jackie  Czyzia, Senior Manager, at jczyzia@aucd.org.