The 2023 Autism CARES meeting will be held Tuesday, July 11th (8 AM-5 PM) and Wednesday, July 12th (8 AM-2 PM) in Washington, DC. The meeting is an opportunity for HRSA-funded CARES grantees (representing research, training, and state systems) to share information about activities within their respective networks, discuss emerging trends, and facilitate meaningful collaboration. The meeting is open to Autism CARES grantees and invited federal agencies. 

All Autism CARES grantees are expected to attend. If you have concerns or are unable to attend, please contact your MCHB Project Officer. Each awardee may register up to 2 participants at the discretion of its Project Director.

An exception has been made for the Research Networks (RNs) and Single Investigator Innovation Programs (SIIPs). These awardees may bring up to 4 participants at the discretion of their Principal Investigator (PI). As no additional funds are available to support the travel expenses, each PI can determine what level of participation makes sense for their program.  Please contact your MCHB Project Officer if you have specific questions about this.  

Please note that if your program is invited for an Autism CARES concurrent or poster presentation, awardees may exceed the participant limits noted above.

For questions, please contact Jackie Czyzia at jczyzia@aucd.org.

The LEND Directors Meeting  | Monday, July 10, 2023, 12 PM – 5 PM
The 2023 LEND Directors Meeting will be held on the afternoon of Monday, July 10th in Washington, DC and is an invite-only grantee meeting. For questions, please contact Jackie Czyzia at jczyzia@aucd.org. 

AIR-P Research Day | Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 5 PM – 7 PM
AIR-P Research Day will be held the evening of Tuesday, July 11th in Washington, DC, and will emphasize research led by autistic researchers and collaborators, highlighting content related to the physical health and overall well-being of autistic individuals. This event is open to all, including but not limited to: Autism CARES grantees, LEND/UCEDD/IDDRC directors and students/trainees, autistic students and trainees, and autistic organizations in Washington, DC. For questions about AIR-P Research Day, please contact Dana Kim at dkim@aucd.org.

Meeting Fees
Due to restrictions on meetings supported with federal funding, there will be a $250 fee for each (non-Federal) attendee. The meeting fee will cover the production of materials, AV, and meals associated with the meeting.  If you are selected for an Autism CARES poster or concurrent session, there is a reduced fee ($150).  Please note there is no fee to attend the LEND Directors Meeting (invite-only) and AIR-P Research Day. 

Note: Autism CARES grant dollars can be used for registration costs.